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Bring it!

Rob and Kim Frankel in red shirts in back, Daniel squatting in front.

2018 at ABACORP started off with a bang… or more specifically, a starter’s gun! On January 7, Team Crossconnect @ABACORP set out to conquer the LA New Year’s 9.3k Challenge along the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Spearheaded by Quality Engineer Manager Daniel Garza, a 10-person team evolved, including Rob and Kim Frankel, as well as brave family and friends. Although he doesn’t consider himself a runner, Daniel has run multiple 5ks and mud runs with Kim, who started running in 2016. Daniel finds motivation in testing his physical abilities.

“I especially enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a race. The New Year’s race was a chance to start the year with something new, and be part of the team,” he said.

The biggest challenge for Daniel? “Finishing! The distance was definitely tougher than he expected.” Kim, an avid runner, was challenged by the fact that there were hills in Downtown LA. “The biggest challenge was the last 3 miles!” For her, the best part was having a team of 10 running partners to encourage, support and conquer together.

The day after the race, while still limping, sore and giddy, Daniel and Kim eagerly signed up for the New Year's Day Race 2019, and are slated to run the Rugged Maniac this April!

If you are up for the challenge, Team Crossconnect @ABACORP is looking for new members. Email Kim at

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