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Horizontal Perspective

We hope you enjoyed our “vlog” last month, where we shared a glimpse into the heart of ABACORP – serving others. One of our core values is community outreach and it is something we strive toward regularly. Whether it is supporting small local drives or bigger projects like the install at West Valley Christian Church (WVCC), we are proud to be of service to our community.

The project we highlighted was borne out of our relationship with WVCC. As they were planning an update of their lobby, they entrusted us to produce a sign to be prominently displayed. From the start, it was a project with meaning, as we worked closely with their team to complete their vision. We genuinely appreciate these types of projects, which are different from our day-to-day norm, and always inspire us toward continued growth.

As part of our outreach, we work hard to stay ahead of trends by researching technology and finding resourceful ways to utilize our machinery and equipment. We also focus on consistently improving our team’s training and development – as we sharpen our skills, we are better able to serve others. And we encourage our team to look outward for opportunities to help. It is so easy to slip into the hustle and bustle of running a business and managing a steady workload, but we do our best to stimulate a horizontal perspective, filled with kindness and compassion toward others.

The second half of our outreach is internal. Daily, we work hard to build an atmosphere of support, stability, and team building. Also, ABACORP is blessed to be able to create job opportunities, including the design of new positions, to help others provide for themselves and their families.

Helping others is something we do together as a company and a team, but it is also something that can be done on an individual level. There are many organizations worthy of support, especially during these challenging times. ABACORP supports organizations including Hope of the Valley, through donations and clothing to our homeless community in Southern California, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Other ways to support might include serving food, delivering furniture, clothing, or financial donations, checking on elderly neighbors, or even making a phone call just to say hello.

As we continue to grow, we must also continue to give back, love God and love people.


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