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Our vision at ABACORP is to be a company that companies desire to work with and team members who love to work at. Every year we reassess our company goals to align with continuous improvement. “How can we be the best we can be for our employees, customers, and vendors?”

"I don't care about making parts good and fast because I'm the owner. I'm the owner because

I care about making parts

good and fast."

Mission Statement

ABACORP is a manufacturing facility located in California that focuses on American-made products using innovative technologies and high-quality standards at competitive rates. Innovation is key.

Company Goals

• To develop lifelong partnerships with our clients

   and vendors to ensure the highest level of quality

   in the manufacturing business.

• To create and develop the most efficient procedures

   and technologies in our manufacturing processes to

   keep costs low and quality high.

• Execute the highest level of practices and ethical

   standards throughout our business to create a healthy

   environment for our employees, customers, and vendors.

• Compete with the international manufacturing market

   to bring high-quality American made parts to companies

   at the best rate possible.

• To create local job opportunities to build up the





Rob Frankel, COO

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