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Meet the team.


ABACORP understands that by no means can we make lifetime partnerships with our clients without a top notch team. With over 100 years combined in the machining industry, our team will be able to assist you in whatever goals and endeavors you have for your business.  Our passion is partnering to make parts that will make your business better. 

Rob Frankel

Rob has been a machinist since 1975. As the CNC Expert, his passion is making a part that is going to be better than you thought it would be.  His techniques and processes that he has developed over the last 35 years will make your part function and look the way you want it at the lowest price possible.  In his very rare time off, he enjoys being with his family, shooting, and racing.   

Jared Zinda
AS9100 Management Rep

Jared joined the ABACORP team to bring a new dynamic of service and support to our clients.  Jared has a B.A. in Business Admin from Azusa Pacific and has been a VP of Sales in the Fitness Industry for the last seven years.  He specalizes in relationships, a high level of service, and taking care of our partners.  He is married to his wife, Becca, and has a daughter, Kenley, and a son, Elijah. 

Taylor Frankel
AS9100 Assistant
Kim Frankel

Kim is the founder of ABACORP CNC Machined Parts. She has been in manufacturing since 1990. Kim specializes in streamlining operations and creating business structure and leadership. Aside from running ABACORP, Kim is a dedicated wife and mother. She enjoys playing music, attending concerts, and serving in her community.

John O'Weger
Planning/Purchasing Manager

John has been with ABACORP for nine years and in the manufacturing industry for 40 years.  John specializes in time management, leadership, and has an ability to produce high-level machined parts in a short period of time that is unmatched in the industry.  He has a passion for producing parts the way they are supposed to be made and when they are supposed to be made.   

Jessica Border
Customer Representative
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