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May is National Mental Health Awareness month. Since Covid struck, this topic has been brought to the forefront more than ever. Life as we knew it, has completely changed. From the overwhelming loss of life, jobs, livelihood, and freedoms, people are struggling. Anxiety, depression and sadly, suicide are all on the rise.

But there is hope and help. First, we need to change our mindset and de-stigmatize mental health issues. Then, be equipped with mental health resources to be available for all. It is important to pay attention to our family members, friends, co-workers and make it safe for them to ask for help.

As an essential company, we have been very blessed to not only stay open throughout the Pandemic, we have remained extremely busy. We have been able to provide jobs alleviating the stress caused by unemployment many families are facing. We have had the opportunity to employ and train many people. At the heart of our company, we aim to serve our community and this means doing our part during this global crisis.

Here at ABACORP, we foster an “attitude of gratitude” and a healthy mindset. We encourage taking walks on breaks and going outdoors for a breath of fresh air. We are also providing mental health awareness training for our staff. In addition, our management team has an “open-door policy” to allow a confidential place for any employee who needs assistance during these difficult times.

Remember, mental health matters. You are not alone. For more information, please go to and keep this number handy:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline/ 800-273-TALK (8255)

We are in this together!

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