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Industries We Serve

We are the Choice Supplier for all of the industries that we serve 

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The Most Trusted Name in Machined Parts


The Difference 

In addition to quality parts and customer service being our focus.  People are the main driver of ABACORP.  We foster a culture of continuous improvement, education, and training  

We are proud to make American products by American workers to support American Families.


Exceptional Quality - On Time 

  • Highest level of Customer Service in the Industry

  • Assembly

  • Engineering

  • Packaging

  • Problem Resolution

  • Finishing

  • Welding

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Outstanding Performance 

Perfection is a concept that is ingrained in every process, function, and procedure of our company.   


Our company boasts a 99.2% Finished Product First Pass Quality Yield with our products.  


As an AS9100 Certified Machine Shop, mediocre parts are simply not an option for ABACORP.  


Expanding to Next Levels with FFL 

ABACORP is proud to bring innovation to the next level with our newly earned FFL.  We are seeking to make a difference in the Firearm community and this allows us the freedom to be easy to do business with in this industry.  Subscribe to Learn More.

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