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We will be a Bridge

Like businesses across the globe, ABACORP has experienced the hard-hitting impact of COVID-19. But after 23 years of successfully navigating the ups and downs of shepherding a company, CFO Kim Frankel is well-versed in pivoting, innovating, and pushing through.

“I will find strength because it’s what I have to do,” Frankel said. “Giving up does not exist in my life – I will fight with everything I have. You have to do what you can to help and keep others going.” For Frankel, the fight is two-fold: commitment to their clients and a deep concern for employees she refers to as family and team. In times like this, they are what motivates her.

She shared a reference from Carl Lentz who spoke from Hillsong Chruch and this is what she took from his live sermon. "It's our time to shine so pray for the tools to be a bridge, to help and love others, because you can." "We need to be conscientious to how people are doing and how they are feeling."

As immediately as the world began to shut down, ABACORP began to step up, studying the necessary precautions and incorporating safety practices quickly and efficiently. Cleaning, organizing, and streamlining operations, all while continuing to manage a bustling workload, and make sure that her team was safe and emotionally healthy. “We are connecting and caring for our team,” she says.

On a larger scale, ABACORP is creating jobs and providing product to customers in many industries that continue to support our economy and its future. “We have to accept the challenge,” Frankel says. “Because we have no choice and we can't give up. This is not easy for anyone but if we truly accept, we can adapt and develop an action plan.”

Frankel is finding motivation in striving to improve, which also trickles down the pipeline. Team members are turning obstacles into opportunities through creating, innovating, collaborating, inspiring, and connecting. Frankel’s favorite quote, Acceptance and Attitude is Everything, says it all.

“We did not come this far just to give up,” she says. “At the end of the day we will survive and get past this. We will all have a greater appreciation for friends, family and, hopefully, a life well-lived.”

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