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Finding a Balance

Surrounded by the extremes of winter and summer, spring is a time of year that inspires renewal and hope. The vernal equinox occurs on March 20, as the path of the sun aligns with earth’s equator and ushers in spring. This is the only day in the entire calendar year when day and night are exactly the same length, which is why it’s also a symbol of balance.

In today’s society a reminder of balance is crucial. People’s lives are busier than ever – work, family and obligations can stretch us to our limits. Achievements, strength and getting ahead are highly valued, making it easy to overlook that balance is necessary in order to be truly successful.

At ABACORP, one of our priorities is to encourage our team in many areas. Our priorities include family, health and fun. We encourage time for family and suggest balance in our team members’ lives. We offer life and health coaching, flex hours, voluntary overtime, and monthly employee appreciation lunch.

One of our machinists receives a certificate of appreciation from CEO Kim Frankel and a gift card for his dedicated years of service at ABACORP.

Health is also a chance for fun: ABACORP sponsors many of our team members to participate in several 5k runs every year and the Rugged Maniac (not for the faint of heart). We also sponsor a men’s racquetball team and The Titans basketball team, both comprised of several ABACORP players, and a great opportunity for team building.

And, of course, ABACORP values fun. Once a month we roll out the BBQ grill and have a team lunch. On these occasions, our CEO, Kim, or our AS9100 Management Rep, Jared, our Quality Manager, Daniel, or our Shipping Manager, Robert, are frequently seen flipping burgers and serving food. We recently also had the privilege to celebrate “Pi Day,” and have even spent time together racing at MB2 and shooting trap and skeet. If there’s an adventure to be had, we are ready!

At the end of the day, our core values include hard work and balance. We appreciate the people we spend time with every day. We encourage harmony within our walls, and hope to create a ripple effect into our community and city.

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