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Where is the Pot of Gold?

The Luck of the Irish: is it good or bad? There’s plenty of info to support each perspective. But while a little luck is always welcome, we believe that hard work and dedication are where you truly find the pot of gold.

Here at ABACORP, our story includes three distinct times in 21 years of business that we faced seemingly insurmountable odds. Thankfully, each time, we came out on the other side stronger and better.

In 2001, along with the rest of the world, 9/11 had a profound impact on manufacturing, which was brought to a complete halt. In its aftermath, many businesses folded and hope was hard to find. We experienced a six-month recovery time necessary for grieving, planning and stepping into that plan. As we regrouped, we found community and inspiration, along with a resolve to never give up.

2009 brought the economic downturn. Splashy headlines and fear-inducing news reports created an atmosphere of panic. In response, the stock market was rocked, impacting many industries, including manufacturing. While we dug in and continued to work hard, it took a full 18 months to recover.

Most recently, in February 2016, ABACORP was hit with a destructive fire in our shop caused by a downed power line. Immediately our company pulled together with resilience. We persevered, grew stronger together, and bounced back. Within one year of recovering to full speed, we increased our sales by 58%.

So, while we eat corned beef and wear green this Saturday, we will toast good luck, as well as hard work, perseverance, dedication and commitment.

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