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Groundhog Day!

Today is Groundhog Day, which got us thinking. In the film, Groundhog Day, the main character wakes up to the same day over and over. Have you ever felt like that? Go to work, drive the same route, drink the same coffee, eat the same lunch, work at the same station. Clock in, clock out, drive home. Repeat.

It is different at ABACORP. We believe in diversity, creativity, and innovation. We are blessed to have an exceptionally talented team of individuals working with us. In some cases, operating a CNC machine can be repetitive. But the diversity of our customer base, materials, equipment, and product we offer gives our team members an opportunity to work on different equipment or products each day.

Our mission at ABACORP is:

To create local job opportunities to build up the community.

To develop lifelong partnerships with our clients and vendors to ensure the highest level of quality in the manufacturing business.

To create and develop the most efficient procedures and technologies in our manufacturing processes to keep cost low and quality high.

Execute the highest level of practices and ethical standards throughout our business to create a healthy environment for our employees, clients, and vendors.

Compete with the international manufacturing market to bring high quality American made parts at the best rate possible.

What we value most at ABACORP is team. We work together, and we all play our part. To promote this, our CEO schedules and sponsors activities like monthly BBQs, 5K runs, our local racquetball and basketball team. We love creating a healthy environment to make sure that everyone feels important and stays productive.

We feel that this conditioned environment keeps us to be aligned with our overall goal – to create lifelong partnerships with clients and employees with purpose.

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