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Run/Walk/Scooter for Hope

On Saturday, January 14, 2017, a small group of ABACORP employees ran/walk/scooted the Cancer Hope Foundation (CHF) 5k to support Production Manager John who volunteers at this race and at Camp Keepsake every year. How long have you been working with the CHF?

John: I wanna say at least 10 years. What’s your favorite part about serving with the CHF? John: The best part is seeing the joy that the campers get when they attend Camp Keepsake. What’s the goal of Camp Keepsake? John: The mission of Cancer Hope Foundation is to enhance the lives of people affected by cancer. Our energies are currently concentrated on Camp Keepsake, a program which offers a cost-free camp retreat for adult cancer patients/survivors, their children and friends.

What was the run/event like?

Brenna: I hate running, but I love being with my friends and doing activities and events like these. And I will push myself because I’m competitive. I liked this 5k, not just because it was on the beach, but I was running for my Uncle Bill who passed away almost 10 years ago from lung cancer.

Kim: I loved it! I feel like I did something that was purposeful. There are people close to me who I’ve seen fight cancer, and just people in my community and I’m grateful that I can participate in this event and do it as a team. I love bringing everyone together, and building on this team.

Daniel: The weather was great, the scenery was nice. It was harder to scoot than it was to walk. I wish I could have done it on my feet. First time for everything.

Rob: I like competition. Whether it's in a car, on a bike, or on foot. I like the camaraderie amongst our team. Even though we aren't running together, we're always rooting for each other.

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