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Meet Adam (below left) and Alex (below right), ABACORP's newest summer interns.

Adam will be an incoming freshman at UC Davis this fall, exploring civil engineering as a major. However, he is also interested in other engineering programs such as aerospace and mechanical. He plans to mentor an FRC team at Davis and to be active in the rocket and car clubs on campus. While he was in high school, he met Rob Frankel (ABACORP’s senior engineer) through the robotics program at High Tech High School. Rob was a mentor in the program and offered Adam an internship at ABACORP. Adam appreciates the opportunity given to explore his various career paths. He enjoys the science of making parts, and making them efficiently. As he is still in the early stages of developing his interests and career paths, he is just happy to explore his many options in engineering. His previous manufacturing training has allowed him to jump to Machine Operator Level 1 at ABACORP this summer.

Alex currently attends California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo with a major in Mechanical Engineering. The engineering program at Cal Poly is one of the best in the nation. Its “learn by doing” mentality has proved incredibly useful in the workforce. Alex began interning at ABACORP summer 2015 and returned again this summer. His goal at ABACORP is to gain valuable experience working with designs from different sectors of industry and developing insight into the inner workings of CNC manufacturing. After graduation, he hopes to design medical devices. Alex's previous experience at ABACORP has allowed him to move to Level 1 Inspector this summer.

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